The war in the Eastern Ukraine has left hundreds of thousands of people without the means of existence; in need of housing, food, medical and psychological assistance. They are displaced people who fled their hometowns which are now controlled by pro-Russian separatists – leaving everything behind. They are the widows of killed Ukrainian soldiers, children and aged parents who lost a provider. They are orphans who had to be relocated away from the war. Ukrainian authorities are unable to meet the ever growing demands for humanitarian assistance as the state coffers were depleted by the former President and his cronies. Military, political and economic conflict with the Russian Federation consumes what is left. Ukrainian society rose to the task of reviving its Army and helping those in need, but its resources are also getting depleted as volunteer fatigue sets in.

Equities Fund sees its mission in fundraising on behalf of, and in conjunction with, volunteer organizations. We only work with organizations that have proved their efficiency and dedication. We aim at helping the volunteer movement to transform from an ad-hoc effort of meeting immediate needs to a consistent program with the goal of providing basic necessities in close coordination with Ukrainian government, international organization such as IOM, UNHCR, Ukrainian and international charities.


Provision of housing for families with children who left the area ATO. Refugees from Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine – mostly women and children in need of housing. For hundreds of thousands of people coming winter will be a real disaster. We, together with our partners are helping to restore and build new houses.

Emergency assistance (housing, food and psychological rehabilitation)

The provision of accommodation for long term accommodation and catering for the rehabilitation of temporary migrants.

A large number of families from the eastern regions of Ukraine, who left their homes,  due to a number of reasons will not be able to return home (war, severely damaged or destroyed houses). Most of the places of temporary residence are not accounted for living in the autumn-winter period due to lack of heating.


Provision of the necessary food products and the articles of prime necessities  to the IDPs in camps and compact residing areas in the ATO zone.

Within the frame of this project we purchase non-perishable food products that are being packaged into the product sets and delivered to the families. We are also providing food and catering to the residents of our camps.


Providing an opportunity for children (9 – 17 y.o), that live or already left the war zone, to visit families from the EU for the period of 1-2 months for health recovery and rehabilitation. Their parents will have an opportunity during this time frame to find a new job and new home. The major problem is – a psychological state of children who survived the war, saw the destruction of their homes and the death of loved ones. So we are helping children from the area of ​​ATO to forget the horrors of war, to feel safe, switch to positive emotions and survive.

We have already sent a group of children into the United States, Germany, Latvia and western Ukraine. We are planning a departure of more children from the war zones into Italy, England, Czech Republic and Germany.


Nearly hundreds of thousands of civilians have gotten into the dangerous areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. Most of them are people with disabilities, the elderly, women and children. Most of them tend to leave the war zone. They have no opportunity to leave on their own since most of the carriers are not taking the risk to go to those places. We, together with our partners provide for an opportunity to leave to the safe areas.


We and our partners provide clothing for people that live in the areas of military operations in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and refugees from these regions.


  • Assistance to families of those killed and missing
  • Assistance to wounded
  • Sociological research in a war zone
  • Duplication of information about humanitarian disasters and how to overcome them
  • Motion picture and television films
  • Production of printed and web-based products.
calories a day being consumed by every sixth person
children from Kyiv and region are on rehabilitation program
children were sent to rehab in a sanatorium in western Ukraine
children were sent to the United States, Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic and the Western Ukraine for social rehabilitation
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