Matthias M. Werner has been involved in the in the supply of natural raw ingredients in the health food industry for nearly two decades.

As a chemist and recipient of the first prize in the German scientific contest “Jugend Forscht”, in 1979 Matthias was inspired to develop quality raw ingredients and functional foods that offer real benefits to the end user. He has also comitted himself to sustainable production of healthy food and enviroment protecting management of energy and water management. Matthias has more than 20 years of experience in supplying raw materials and food ingredients to the industry.

Since 2001 he supports the “Kinderhilfe Ukraine – Projekt Zhytomir” in Ukraine and has brought truck loads of humanitarian aid to support children living in orphanages or in poor conditones to Ukraine. This experience and his love to the Ukraine country and culture convinced him to join the team of Equites Humanitarian & Cultural Fund.

He is living with his family in the greater area of Munich, Germany.

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