Tatiana Vorozhko (Koprowicz) is an author, host and producer of the Voice of America show “Studio Washington”, as well as a reporter and editor of this and other VOA shows, and a columnist for “Women`s Magazine”.

Vorozhko holds a Bachelor degree in History from National Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv and a Master degree in Journalism from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.   Mrs. Vorozhko has worked as a journalist for the Ukrainian newspaper,  “Kyiv News”, for the TV show “A Look into the World”, NTCU  and as a journalist and a screenwriter for the TV show “No Taboo with Mykola Veresen”, “Studio 1+1” . After returning from her studies in the US, Tatiana held the position of mass media adviser to the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine. She is the author of the documentary “Love Imprisoned”, co-authored a book “Without Taboo about ’No Taboo’” with Svitlana Pyrkalo and published a study Coverage of Foreign Elections by US Media: External and Internal Determinants that Influence the Volume of Election Coverage. Also, Tatiana has published articles in various newspapers such as «TV Week», «Capital News», «Moscow News», «Business Week», «Kyiv Post», magazines «Politics and Culture» and «Correspondent», аs well as in web publications  such as pravda.com.ua та glavred.info.

Currently, Tatiana Vorozhko-Koprowicz resides in Falls Church, Virginia, with her family.

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